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Get rewarded for trading and referring friends. Boost your return in the bear market through our venture fund.

Main Markets

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To protect your money, Fyrus Pro adopts HTTPS and 2-Factor Authentication to help secure your account. We will also be monitoring activity 24/7 to block any suspicious activity.

Global Market

Fyrus Pro provides 24/7 exchange services for global investors. Our revolutionary Voting+ mechanism increases confidence among participants and alleviates the burdens projects face to get listed.

High-speed Matching Engine

Our proprietary high-speed matching engine supports a processing capacity of up to 1,000,000 transactions per second. We guarantee stability under concurrency of thousands of orders, each one of which will be in good hands.

Token security and benefits

All fees collected will be distributed amount FYR token holders. FYR tokens will be hard capped from the get-go, with a quarterly burn program. FYR token holder will also be eligible to vote and participate in exclusive airdrop events.

Confidence and trust

Assets are subjected to multiple verification and due diligence checks. Together with the collective wisdom of the community, malicious assets are filtered out, leaving only the best.

Decentralized Governance

Our platform will have a decentralized governance model. FYR token holders will have the power to make major decisions for the exchange platform and get more assets listed.

We are a team of highly experienced individuals and entrepreneurs who bring years of expertise from successful financial & technology firms, along with a passion for building blockchain technology.

Fyrus Token Uses

Voting Power

FYR token holders are considered part of our tight knit community and is granted the voting rights to all matters related to the platform. This includes the listing of other assets through the Voting+ mechanism.


FYR token holders will be granted access to exclusive events, such as airdrops of newly listed assets, and other benefits on the platform.

Platform Wide Acceptance

FYR tokens will be used for any form of transactions on the platform, such as putting up security deposits, payment and rebate of transaction fees.

Trade with us now during the Live-Beta and get FYR rewards!

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